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Thread: Need help with picture

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    Need help with picture

    I have a 8.4" Tommy k setup for a while now I just starting setting it up to install in my car but it seems that the colors are blurred or rather waves in the picture. I'm ruuning XP on it and everything looks sharp in widows but videos are bad. I tried setting it to 640X480 256 colors but it looks like total crap in widows and invideo I also tried 640X480 16 bit looks bad. The only other one was 640X480 24 bit witch has waves and is not sharp. Also when I change the resolution to higher it makes the picture off center and I don't know how or if u even can recenter the picture. Any ideas would be great cause I'm out of them. Thanks

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    are you using composite or svideo? if you are, there's no way to fix the blurr, TV screens are just that blurry.

    Waves is normally caused if you don't have your refresh rate high enough.

    Depending on the type of videocard, you can recenter it through the video's control panel. You might be able to recenter it through the screen too. Some screens have that option.

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    Its a VGA also the video card is onboard one but I was hoping someone knew how to recenter the picture after I change the resolution higher?

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