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Thread: Screen not displaying fullscreen?

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    Screen not displaying fullscreen?


    I've got a Oslon 7" composite indash LCD.

    The lcd works fine when played from a dvd player. However when it's hooked up to the pc it doesnt fill the screen, instead there is about a 1 cm border around the whole picture.

    Im running the following specs:
    Duron 900
    PC chips micro atx motherboard
    128mb SD ram
    Gigabyte 54mb pci wireless card
    windows XP media centre 2005

    Im wondering how I go about getting it full screen. I assume I'll have to change the resolution? Currently it is set to 640x480, but I have tried other resolutions, which either kept the size the same or was smaller.

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    try resetting the screen. It worked for me in my lilli. Also use 800x600. There should be a reset tab or menu built onto the screen

    good luck!

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    there isnt a reset tab in the menu.

    I also have tried fiddling with power strip, but thus far with no luck.

    As the screen works fine from a dvd player, is there any way I can emulate that kind of outp[ut? what resolution etc does a standard dvd player output?

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