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Thread: DigitalWW Lilliput Touchscreen Replacement

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    DigitalWW Lilliput Touchscreen Replacement

    My Lilliput touchscreen died like many other here, and I finally got around to putting in the replacement I got from DigitalWW.

    The replacement touchpanel is more sensitive than the original, and looks less grainy. You can't even tell the touch panel is on top of the screen, unlile the factory one.

    All in all, I'm quite happy that my Lilliput works again.

    Thanks DigitalWW for selling these much needed and higher quality parts.

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    I'm wondering if it's almost be better to buy the cheaper non touch screen lilliput and just put the newer touchscreen overlay on it.

    Would that look as good from an asthetics standpoint and be just as if not more effective?

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    You could do that, but you will also need to buy and install the touchscreen controller. DigitalWW also sells that.

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