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Thread: Possible to remove touchscreen feature from Lilliput 8" XGA monitor?

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    Possible to remove touchscreen feature from Lilliput 8" XGA monitor?

    Might seem like a dumb thing to do. But I will be putting this thing in an experimental airplane to be a GPS moving-map display. It's often REAL bright during flying, and I've found that sunlight washes out some screens and makes them nearly unreadable. I've also heard that this Lilliput has 400 NITS of brightness without the touchscreen, but only 280 NITS with the touchscreen.

    I don't really need the touchscreen (will be using a "Finger mouse" trackball), but this seemed to be the only way to get the monitor. So it just arrived today, complete with touchscreen.

    If I find it's not bright enough, is there a way to remove the touchscreen part so I can get the full 400 NITS brightness?

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    Open it up and remove the touchpanel carefully. You can also ebay it or sell it here

    BTW: One of my friends flies a cessna

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