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Thread: 8.4" LCD in WRX dash.

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    mmm tasty. i've gone a slightly different approach in that i'm mounting the screen directly to bezel, and mad a metal case for the mobo and hardrive mounted to the stock radio location. the psu is going up top and the slim slot dvd drive is going in the passenger sun visor. hopefully it doesn't weight too much.

    i also molded the vents to the radio surround, and that doesn't seem to cause any problems atm.
    keep us posted with your progress
    rebuilding carpc... kinda..

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    More revisions...

    Repeated adjustments and tweakings, and I've got the bottom half to fit within 1/16" to 1/8" of clearance.

    Printed out to scale, and I've got my template for cutting this out of the aluminum plate.. which arrives tomorrow.
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    Started cutting the main holes in the 1/16" thick aluminum plate..

    Took dimensions off of my CAD drawing for the center points, and scribed circles of just the right diameter into the aluminum.

    A few drilled holes, and a lot of cutting using a metal nibbler, and I have some pretty good holes for the A/C dials.

    Next, to cut the rest of the holes on the bottom, and to start shaping the curves on the outside of the plate.

    I figure, once the plate fits well enough, I'll use it as a base to build up plastic or balsawood on top of, and then cover it with carbon fiber weave cloth once the wood has been shaped.
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    Reviving an old thread..

    It took me quite a while to get to the point of re-(re-re-re)designing mounting brackets, with the design changing multiple times over the last few months.

    But then I got a milling machine, which opened up the possibilities, so I came up with a new design.

    This is the mounting bracket for the right side of the inside of the radio area.. there will be a matching bracket on the left side.

    A plate will mount to the front of the brackets, which the LCD will then mount to.

    The horizontal piece is for mounting a 7"x7" shelf, on which the power supply and other miscellaneous items will be mounted.
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    Hey I have a question you might know. Have you seen the new WRX has a center console with 2 cup holders? Would this fit in an older model (like an '03). If so you could get the center console and then cutting out your cupholder would not be such a crappy thing... Anyway I think I won't get to doing this until OLED screens come out Just b/c it always takes too long.

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    Hi, Giuliano (are you Italian? ).
    I've read the entire thread, and it's been really useful. I'm trying to hook up my LVDS screen ( to my 3,5" SBC motherboard ( Although my screen and motherboard are a little different from yours, I wanted to take a look at the wiring schematics you followed, but the link you posted here:
    8.4" LCD in WRX dash.
    doesn't work anymore. Now I know this thread is old, but do you still have a copy of that PDF? Or can you tell me how did you wire the whole thing, or how would you wire my combo?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Giuliano View Post
    I placed another order from Digikey, this time with the correct parts.

    I ordered:

    5 H2234-ND CONN SOCKET HOUSING 40POS 1.25MM $2.70
    (5 LVDS connectors for the motherboard)

    5 H3107-ND CONN SOCKT CRIMP 20POS 1MM W/GRD $6.60
    (5 LVDS connectors for the LCD, with grounding plate)

    100 H3151CT-ND CONN SOCKET 28-30AWG CRIMP GOLD $6.51
    (100 crimp connectors, to solder to the wires.)

    (5 feet of 20-conductor 28AWG round shielded cable, usually used in VGA-kind cables.)

    Subtotal $28.24

    Should be enough for 5 1' LVDS cables, but I'm buying extra parts, so I'll probably make 2 2.5' cables, one for testing, and 1 for installation.

    With the cables being the right wire size, and with shielding, I shouldn't have any problem making a 5' or 10' cable, if it came to it..

    The cost for a single 5' shielded LVDS data cable should be somewhere around $15-20 for the parts, not including labor.

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