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Thread: Xenarc Dead?

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    Xenarc Dead?

    My car entered the body shop about a month ago due to a hit and run.

    Before sending my car in, I removed *all* power to my carputer, screen, etc. I removed the +/- wires from the battery to the Opus. So the problem is not because of a power surge.

    I got my car back a few days ago. Computer powers up fine, but the Xenarc seems to be dead. The green LED comes on when I connect it to power, but absolutely nothing else. No OSD saying "no signal/input" or whatever.

    The weather has been cold of course, I wonder if that could have something to do with it? My car sitting in -15 to -30c temperatures for extended periods of time? Could that really have fubared my Xenarc?

    Any ideas?

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    have you taken the screen out of the car and tried it in the house by chance?
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    Yes, I have taken it out of the car. I attached it to my desktop PC and a 12V AC adapter. Still, no go

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