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Thread: Successful LVDS LCD installations?

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    It won't work - LVDS is not the same as DVI.

    Your best bet would be to find a DVI controller card for your TTL LCD's and skip the LVDS altogether.

    LVDS is only useful if you know you have it on the motherboard or video card, and your LCD panel has LVDS.

    The 640x480 resolution should be fine, though.. that's a standerdized resolution.

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    need help with lvds. I have a SHARP LQ141X1LH23 lcd. I can"t seem to find any data sheets on this lcd. I will be connecting it to a msi gm965 motherboard.
    I have the pin outs for the motherboard from here.
    thanks to Rob Whitey. The pin out is listed in section 2-15.
    I have the lvds cable from the toshiba tecra laptop that the lcd came from. Also have the backlight inverter. The cable has 6 twisted pairs, and 2 wires that are not twisted. the first set of twisted pairs is red and brown, then dark blue and orange, then orange and brown, orange and brown, orange and brown, light blue and brown, then the 2 dark blue wires that are not twisted.
    I believe this to be 18 bit lvds. From other sharp data sheets seems most of their lcd's that are lvds are usually 3.3V.
    I realy need some good help finding a data sheet for this lcd, and then help on how to connect the lcd to the msi gm965 motherboard. I have a good understanding of electronics, but lvds is something new to me that I would like to learn and use in my application. Since the tools to make lvds cables are very expensive, could i buy the 40 pin hirose connector and then de pin my lvds cable from the laptop and insert the pins into the new 40 pin hirose connector with the correct pin designations for the motherboard. thus not having to buy or crimp new pins.
    Steve Mardell

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    ok, tonight got curious and took out the multimeter and came up with this. I know wire colors do not mean anything, but this is all i know because this is all thats in front of me. from the back of the screen, with the lvds cable plugged into the lcd. from left to right. the first 2 wires are dark blue in color and are not twisted. when testing continuity to ground the first 2 wires had continuity to the lcd frame, so did the blue and red wires. so on the connector from left to right. pin number one being the furthest on the left. pin 1, 2, 11, and 12 had continuity to ground on the lcd metal frame. all other wires did not.
    now the next set of wires being twisted pairs. pins 3 and 4 the wires are twisted together and have 100.3 ohms between them. they are light blue for pin 3 and brown for pin 4. next twisted pair is pins 5 orange and pin 6 brown have 100.2 ohms between them. next pair of twisted pairs pins 7 orange and pin 8 brown have 100.5 ohms between them. next set of twisted pairs, pins 9 orange and pin 10 brown have 100.7 ohms between them.

    now this is confusing to me, pins 11 blue and pin 12 have continuity to ground. but pin 11 blue wire is twisted with pin 13 orange wire. and pin 12 red wire is twisted with pin 14 brown wire. there is no resistance between any of these wires. there is 0 ohms resistance between pins 13 orange wire and pin 14 brown wire.

    since I can not find a schematic or data sheet for this lcd. this is all I know right now. It seems this is an 18 bit lvds display, and most sharp lcds are 3.3v lvds interface.

    if anyone can help me interface this display with the msi gm965 motherboard it would be greatly appreciated.
    here is the manual pdf.
    the lvds is in section 2-15.

    I don't understand the pin out for the motherboard, like what connections are what and how to interface the lcd.
    I have a good understanding with electronics, but lvds is something new to me that i would like to learn and use in my car pc.
    Thanks in advance.
    Steve Mardell

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    LVDS Controllers

    I found this site as the result of searching for solutions to this kind of project, now I find myself buying Fusion Brains...

    Anywho, I also found that Genesis makes a lot of LCD controllers, but found distributors of those chips lacking. I did find someone in Hong Kong looking so sell some. Problems include distance, but he has about 4000 that he wants to sell in one go (about $3.50 each, over $15K total ) so that's a little out of the question.
    (links: )

    Sooo...I'm still looking for a (resonable) place to buy some of these chips, but maybe someone else is looking into the same idea and this might help them?

    Genesis chip site:

    (And just found this: still the issue of "where to buy" maybe I should look for old broken LCD's at yard sales...)

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    Hey Giuliano, I know this post is old but can you tell me the difference between even and odd differential data? I'm trying to hook up a single channel LCD.

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