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Thread: anyone not using the lilliput base, please read this

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    anyone not using the lilliput base, please read this

    I own a Lilliput and long ago while installing it in my car the little sqare nut that slides on the back of the LCD and allows it to be mounted to its base fell and is now forever lost inside my cars internal structure

    I implore, anyone who is not using the base for their Lilliput, could you please mail me that square nut

    I tried to fab my own nut but its a poor excuse and has been trouble

    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could get that for me

    Email or PM me

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    That little thing you are talking about is pretty much universal. Just go to your local car audio store and get one. It's easier and cheaper most likely. If not, PM me sometime. I know I have like 3 of them lying around from my other LCDs if I can find them.
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    I am going to take out Lilliput from its casing maybe next week. if you still do not get it by then, PM me, I will mail to you.

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    I lost mine once, and guess what I did?
    Buy a 10mm nut and start sanding. The 10mm nut is too thick to slide in there so you have to sand it down. The thinner the nut you buy, the less sanding you have to do.
    If other option is not available, that the only one.
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