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Thread: should i get a 7" or 8" lcd?

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    should i get a 7" or 8" lcd?

    Ive been saving to get a new lcd and am finally ready to buy. I want to get one of the linITX screens as they seem to be good screens at a very good price. However I'm having second thoughts about the size to get.

    The 7 inch widescreen would be easier to install but i will be using onboard video that only outputs "standard" resolutions. Will streatching a 800x600 image look ok for text in frodoplayer / destinator. what about aspect ratio for dvd / divx, is that then streatched as well or can that be compensated for easily?

    I'm pretty sure that the 8 inch will fit with some minor modificatons to my dash, but it will be more difficult to install. It seems it comes down to ease of software configuration or ease of dash fabrication.

    if it helps you make a recomendation it will be installed in a 93 ford f 150.
    i will be relocating my headunit and possibly the heater controls to make room.

    So what do i buy? 7" widescreen or 8" 4:3

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    aesthetically I've always liked the 7" screen. anything bigger imho is obnoxious

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