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Thread: Lilliput 8" touchscreen problems with touchscreen kit

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    Lilliput 8" touchscreen problems with touchscreen kit

    Im new and was wondering if anyone can help me with installing the touchkit for the lilliput monitor.
    First off i was eager to get my computer running and hooked up the lilliput before reading the directions. When trying to get the setup running by going into the cd folder win2000-xp and setup.exe it goes to install and then says " do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its components.
    its a new system and i havent installed it yet.
    How can i fix this?

    mini-itx m2 10,000
    120 gb seegate baracuda
    256 ram
    lilliput 809gl-80np/c/t

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    found the problem

    As it says in the instructions dont conect the lcd before uploading the software, becuase i was getting to ance i had to autorecover to a previous date to get it to work all set now. back to building the system

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