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Thread: Flickering in Lilliput

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    Flickering in Lilliput

    Hey guys, I have a flickering issue with lilliput, it seems to be caused by a low refresh rate, however, whenever I try to reset the refresh rate it'll say "OVER RANGE". After research I came across some FAQ for lilliput:

    It seems that you have to set the BIOS' Monitor section to LCD? MY bios doesn't even HAVE an lcd option, and I can't seem to find any updates for it!
    I'm using AwardBios, if anyone can help that'll be great

    FAQ Content:

    Below are some troubleshooting tips for the Lilliput displays:
    - Ensure the round 9 pin (DIN) connector is fully plugged in.

    - If the display has strange colors or if the touch screen doesn't work try pinching/sqeezing the round 9 pin DIN connector.

    - If the display shows "Over Range", change the "Monitor" setting in the BIOS of your motherboard to "LCD". This solves over range issues. If you have BIOS version 1.16 or higher on an EPIA M motherboard, leave the monitor setting at "CRT + LCD".

    - Try using a lower resolution. The optimal resolution for the LCD display is 600x800.

    - Set display to Auto adjust.

    - Set refresh rate to 75Hz or higher to stop flickering.

    - The Lilliput displays do NOT support reverse X-axis or reverse y-axis (eg, to emulate a mirror or make image upside down). This is an error in their documentation.

    - The 'USB' port on the side of the monitor isn't actually USB, it just looks like it. It's a special plug to give access to the auxillary inputs (like RCA).

    - The RCA audio-in only works when you're in one of the RCA video-in modes, not in VGA. You can't use it as a small PC speaker while in VGA mode.

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    That LCD BIOS setting is for the EPIA motherboards. Don't worry about it. If your DIN connector is tight and a higher refresh rate didn't fix the flickering then I bet it's your power. If you are using the DC "egg" regulator then try using the AC adapter on an extension cord. If the flickering goes away then you need a better DC regulator. The supplied DC regulator is crap.
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    Does anyonw know why I can't see 75hz in the list. Only 60hz is shown !

    Even If I try to tell it to show rates that is not supported

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