i've recently got a new car (well a new used car ;-))

i now own a 2k1 chevy tahoe and this again means, more room in the dash.. well first it means less room, since their radio has some stupid form factor which is less than double din. so my 7" lilliput won't flush-mount without cutting the whole dash apart and moving the ac controls away (and all that because of some millimeters). if it fitted, i could have put it in the dash and then put my old 6" touchscreen in the center console and run it on a dualhead graphics card, this would have been cool, but unfortunately, it just doesn't fit.

moving the ac controls to the center is no problem, but then i have alot more space than just for a 7" so tat it would look too small. and i'd rather need a 4:3 screen than a 16:9 anyway. so i am now looking for good alternatives

i was thinking of something between 8 to 10" while i've seen one with an 11" screen, but i thaught that just looked too big. so i guess 9" or 10" would be the perfect size.

i found the lilliput 8" screen, but it seems to only have 640x480 native pixels, which is too little for such a size. i want it to be at least 800x600 if not xga (native, always native )
if there was one, i'd prefer a transflective display, so it'll be sunlight readable, since i have a tan interiour and a sunroof, which puts quite some light onto the display when the sun is shining.

any suggestions?

my old 6" tft was a kit from earth lcd and it was just the bare panel, a power inverter and a vga controller. does anybody know, if this controller can be used for any other, bigger pannels? and if so, which pannels?
earthlcd's support sucks really bad, and so i don't want to get another display from them, they have really disappointed me in many ways (which can also be read somwhere in a thread here)

i am hoping for many suggestions

kind reagards