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Thread: Which dual display video card? Ps1 gurus

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    Lightbulb Which dual display video card? Ps1 gurus

    Im looking to make my M10000 show dual display. They're alot of video cards out that can do this BUT which will allow me to adjust the refresh rate individually? It has to be compatible with two types of screens:
    the psONE which runs at ~15hz
    and the lilliput or xenarc

    Ive read somewhere that the psone screens are picky about which video cards the work with. if anyone has any experience or ideas on what i can use your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    why don't you get a pci card for the psone and use whatever you like for the other lcd?
    e.g. a matrox mystique

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    Would that even work?
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    i was looking into this before, trying to run GPS on one screen and a movie on the other. i was told that my MII10000 wasn't even fast enough so it was a waste of time.

    oops re-read your post and it looks like you are trying to send the same signal to different monitors..


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    actually i want to run one of the frontends on the 7inch screen and obd on the Psone. I dont see it being a problem since obd doesnt require too much comp resource...i dont think

    how would i set up the pci card to display different screens on the psone? i always thought once you plug in the PCI the onboard graphics card would get overrided. If i could use them seperately that would be awesome. How do i go about doing this?

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