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Thread: Anyone able to run 800x480 with a Biostar MB + Lilliput 7"?

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    Anyone able to run 800x480 with a Biostar MB + Lilliput 7"?

    I just purchased a Biostar M7NCG400 with the onboard Geforce 4 video and a Lilliput 7" TS.
    I'm running Windows XP and I can't for the life of me, get it to run in 800x480. I've even tried Powerstrip, but none of the settings found on work. When I make a custom resolution in the GeForce settings tab in XP, it doesn't give me the option to change the Advanced Timing (button is dimmed).

    Has anyone gotten this combo to work?


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    I don't have the BioStart mobo, but an Asus mobo instead. They both use the same Onboard GeForce 4 GPU. I have it works at that resolution. You may need to upgrade the driver from GeForce website.
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    I've got the same setup you have (Biostar M7NCG400 + 7" T-View) and am able to set the res to 800x480. You'll need to download the latest Nvidia drivers and you'll be able to change the res to whatever you want.

    If you simply "Nvidia Custom Resolutions" you'll find this page, which I have provided to make your life even easier.

    Custom Resolutions for nVidia
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    Thanks for the replies!

    I already have the latest drivers for the card. Thats the problem! I'm running XP Media Center and I can add custom resolutions, however when i add a new 800x480 custom res, the Advanced Timing button is dimmed, so I can't click it to change the settings. So when I use the default 800x480 settings, the screen goes blank. I'm stuck at 800x600.

    I'm stuck! ack!

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    Do I need to get the latest bios maybe for the Biostar MB? Did you upgrade yours?

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