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Thread: xenarc problem?

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    xenarc problem?

    Ok, I searched but couldnt find if anyone else had this problem or not, and i am not too knowledgeable on how a lcd works but here we go. I have the xenarc 700tsv running on a nvidia mx4000 video card. it doesnt have the native resolution offered so until i find time this summer to mess w/ power strip i was running 800x600. it was running fine for a while, then one day i start up the pc and the screen was offcentered w/ a 2 inch black strip on the left of the screen and the right half was of course chopped off, and the ts was about two inches off as well. So i changed the refresh form 60hz to 72hz, problem fixed. Then last weekend i start up the car and it happens again, i change the hz, but no avail, so i change the resolution to 960x600, and it works. no problems, and looks pretty good. last night i start it up, and doesnt work, change the hz at 960x600 no help, so now i am bumped up to 1024x768 and it looks horrible but is not offcentered. The only thing i can think of this last time i was running a movie and didnt close media player before turning off the car, did this cause the resolution mess up? is there anyway to get my better resolutions back? has anyone had this problem? help...

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    I am having exactly the same problem, but still did not find any solution. The only thing that really works is putting the screen on a 640x480 resolution on 60Hz ....

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    Did you go into the monitor's on-screen display menu and select "Auto Detect" to try to fix it?

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    mine is on auto detect, and it is auto detecting the wrong resolution...

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    Going to buy tha 700tsv in a week, anybody else having these problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by autopilot747
    Going to buy tha 700tsv in a week, anybody else having these problems?
    me too...
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    Man....I'm having this problem now again. It's been fine for months. All of a sudden the other returns. Anyone ever find a fix? I don't want to buy a new Xenarc.
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