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Thread: Contorlers for touch screen LCD

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    Lightbulb Contorlers for touch screen LCD

    I have been looking at this auction for some time now. This guy has sold these for a while and currently has two on the market. I was thinking about buying it since it is a 10.4" touch screen LCD for $40, but it scares me because I think it would be a hasle to connect to a typical PC. I tried email the seller for a manual or something and he has none. Do you think the control board would be easy to find? and how would I know what kind to buy? Power is no big as I can figure that you easy. Any help would be great.

    Here is the link to ebay:


    back or side:

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    sound slike more trouble than it's worth. My advice is to be careful and do lots of research before you buy but if it looks like it will be a no-go then run away. LCd controllers are generally pretty expensive.

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