I will be installing my "carputer" in my '94 Integra around the end of March. I say carputer in quotations, because I will merely be using my laptop w/ 300 gig external drive until I get my true carputer a couple months down the road. Anyway. My main monitor will be an in-dash motorized VGA touchscreen, however I decided I will also be putting a Playstation 2 in my car. I want to use visor monitors primarily for the PS2, but would also like the visor monitors to display the carputer screen if the PS2 is not on. What kind of screen do I need to look for so that I will have a crisp clear digital picture from the carputer, but also have a nice clear picture with the Playstation 2 (probably using RCA's)? I know that if I get a straight non-touch 6" or so VGA monitor for the visors, then the PS2 will probably look blurry since it's an analog signal. Any reccommendations?