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Thread: Nvidia PCI, Xenarc, 800x480: Which PSU?

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    Nvidia PCI, Xenarc, 800x480: Which PSU?

    Who here is using an Nvidia PCI card to get 800x480 on their Xenarc?

    What PSU are you using to power this combo since the video card apparently sucks lots of power?

    I'm using a GeForce 4 MX 4000 PCI, Xenarc, and M10000 board. I'm trying to figure out what PSU will work for me!

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    i would say the opus 90, or the dont need a lot to run that config
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peoples
    i would say the opus 90, or the dont need a lot to run that config
    If standard desktop HD and DVD ROM is used, good luck with 90W.
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