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Thread: Lilliput 7" VGA touch screen cables

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    Lilliput 7" VGA touch screen cables

    I have a Lilliput already ordered and I am getting everything together so I can install during my spring break. I searched but I couldnt find out the lengh of the cables that are included with the monitor, the vga and usb for the TS. The computer will be going in the trunk in my Maxima and I just need to see which lengh cables I should go with. I should need around 15ft. I remember reading somewhere that the Lilliput cables are around 5ft but I cant find it again so I just need to make sure. If anyone has some pics too, that would be nice. Thanks.

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    they won't be 15ft buddy. No chance. 5ft sounds about right.

    EDIT: actually it seems a bit long. But you are gonna need an extension anyway. I think the mp3car store has longer ones for lilliput and xenarc.

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    cables looks around 2-3 feet from lilli. I use a 20 foot VGA cable with no problems.
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    Thanks for the replies. I know they are not 15ft, I was just thinking if they were 5ft, I would just go with 10ft cables. I just decided to get 15ft cables to be safe and a little extra cant hurt.

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    today i tried to remove my huge 25 foot extension from the lilliput (i only use about a 2 foot extension from it haha... so yeah i think the original lilliput ts usb and monitor cable runs about 4 feet and the usb cable is about 9 inchs long off the end of the plug :-D... if anyone needs a 25 foot monitor extension pm me i want to get a smaller one!

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