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Thread: Looking for ULTIMATE simplicity, and CHEAPNESS

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    Looking for ULTIMATE simplicity, and CHEAPNESS

    Okay, I have a fully custom hot rod interior, I bought a datalux 10.4" touchscreen monitor.... It looked fine when I powered it up, but I have NOWHERE to mount it, I tried taking it apart and just salvaging the monitor, took the screen out and brought it to the vehicle and dropped something on it and broke it

    Now I'm done spending tons of money, the liliputs are just too much for what I'm doing.... JUST running frodoplayer, thats the computers ONLY purpose in life is to run frodoplayer.... Looking on evil bay at some 7" monitors, my card in the vehicle has standard outputs, also the cheap monitors on ebay have standard inputs.... Is the resolution on them so bad that you cant even read frodoplayer ?? I just want to eliminate my CD's as easily/cheaply as possible.... Computer is a standard mini-atx I had laying around, opus dc-dc, wireless 802.11b card to link to homenetwork for downloads, 128 megs of ram, 6gig hard drive, windows 98se soundblaster live, and a P3 550mhz....

    If in the long run I decide to go liliput ((xenarc is out of the question)) how are they visibility wise, I only drive this thing at night, so it should be too much of a problem anyways....
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    go with the 8" lilli, I have one, and it is real nice and clear!
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    the Tview / linITX 7" thouchscreens are nice. I got mine on ebay for 200. havent had any problems yet.
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