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Thread: Glare Hell

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    Glare Hell

    I've tried my Lilli and my Xenarc, and even a few laptop screens, but no matter what, they all look the same inside of my Honda or GTO. Glare hell. For the majority of the day, unless you put like a 4" shroud around the things, you can't see a frigging thing. And even then, you can only make outlines of what's on the screen.

    Anyone else have these issues? Any ideas?

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    I had this issue with a screen that was dimmer. But my Xenarc fixed that.

    I do know that you've got two options, possibly three:

    1. Take the touchscreen off of it. They generate massive glare.

    2. Tint your windows

    3. Possibly - get one of those glare reducing covers for office monitors. Problem is, it will make your screen dimmer.
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    It is quite tempting to not use a touch screen and design a skin that works like an ATM machine with buttons at the sides of the screen.

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    Yeah. I need to steal one of the OEM touchfilms out of a Honda or BMW.. those things never glare.. lol

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