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Thread: Gm Denali HU interface - recommendations???

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    Is the Yukon Denali HU VGA or RGB???

    Ok, I have done some research, but need some help. I was looking for a PAC module VCI-GM2 to display video (CarPC) on my built in Bose NAV Touch screen. However; I don't want to pay 350 bucks for a NTSC to RGB converter. My car PC has VGA out, so why not bring it right into the touch screen through a VGA switch? Why go from VGA to NTSC back to RGB??? However, how do I bring my VGA from my PC to RGB in on my unit? Do I need a converter? I need to buy a ribbon cable interfacing from the stock nav to the screen. or convert the one in the unit. It seems like the Pac module diverts five leads in the ribbon to the NTSC/RGB switch... Has anyone looked into this? I couldn't find any info this detailed.

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    Im not a pro on this but if RGB and VGA are the same signals, meaning just need some splicing of wires will do the trick, then you will need to just make a relay box thatcontaining a relay for every wire. Then have a switch to trigger all the relays at once and go back and fourth between nav and carputer. My friend did this with his G-35 but he wasnt using a carputer, jsut a dvd player, so he needed the converter in addition to the relay I just mentioned.
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    I have found some conversion units form VGA to RGB for around 50-100 bucks so I am ok here. However, I am not totally sure that the nav/screen is RGB or VGA. The VCI-GM2 unitis using 5 wires, which makes me beleieve RGBHV, not RGBs or RGsB, but I don't know for sure. help anyone?


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