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Thread: Newision (Lilliput) 7" LCD useless on day-light

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    I have tinted windows but it doesn't help at all. I looked carefully again in the daylight (sunny day) and I think the big problem is not low number of nits, a bigger thing is that I see myself inside like in the mirror. I have very light interior, maybe this is the reason, I also see seats and everything in it. If a cover the seats with black pullover it was better The tinted windows doesn't help. I was trying to put contrast higher (in Windows too, but it doesn't help at all).

    Anyway I decided to sell Lilliput and buy the bigger one. 8" is just a little bit bigger, but 12" doesn't fit in my car, so 10.4 would be perfect (Allbrite one
    So, anyone who decide to sell it, I am very interested, I will wait and search for it. And I am not so in electronic (more in computers and software developing), so I am looking for ready-to-use one, with controller and everything (working). If you know for someone who has it and not using it, please let me know.


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    Tinting my windows made a big difference in the brightness of the interior of my car as a whole. Several shades darker now with the moonroof closed (duh)
    The 8" lilliput has to be brighter than the 7", because there are way fewer complaints about it. As I said, I am impressed with mine. The mirror effect is simply a result of the dullness of the backlight. Its the same as it is with any glass, if there is light on the other side, you can see through. If there is more light on your side of the glass, or direct light, you see a reflection. That is why the spot up on the dashboard would not work for me, it crossed the line between more bright light on my side of the screen and the backlight's brightness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shizzle
    The 8" lilliput has to be brighter than the 7", because there are way fewer complaints about it.
    Or there could be way fewer people that own them... They are rated identically.

    I'm very unimpressed with my 8" lilliput. I'm pretty sure most of it is the touch screen since it's such a diffused reflection. I'd rather it were more mirror like and didn't make the screen that little bit fuzzy since a clear reflection is easier to ignore in my opinion. I'm tempted to play with contrast enhancing films. If I can get hold of any...
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