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Thread: Xenarc 700TR 7" TFT LCD Flip Down Monitor VGA and Touchscreen

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    Xenarc 700TR 7" TFT LCD Flip Down Monitor VGA and Touchscreen

    I was considering purchasing the Xenarc 700TR 7" TFT LCD Flip Down Monitor VGA and Touchscreen. I was wondering what people were thinking of this particular screen. Is the quality of the screen the same as if I was to purchase a Xenarc 7" touchscreen seperately without the roof mount (I know the specs of the two screens are about the same)? Are there any known problems with this screen? One of the main reasons that I was considering this screen is because it is roof mountable, and I know how a lot of people were talking about problems with the sun making it hard to see on the screen. Is there anything that I should consider before purchasing this screen? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Did you ever purchase this monitor? If so - I was wondering how you are liking it because I am needing the same type of screen for my application.

    On a side note - since this one is no longer available, can anyone recomend a good roof mount LCD touch screen monitor that will fit in a 9" width space? other dimensions are not important as long as side to side is around 9" or less.

    Thank you.

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