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Thread: Anyone try component video over vga?

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    Anyone try component video over vga?

    Has anyone tried using a component to vga adapter to run a DVD player or PS2 (xbox, GC etc etc) to a car VGA lcd monitor?

    This would be really sweet as you could have progressive scan dvd playback in a car - which currently is not possible using car lcd monitors (I have yet to see a single LCD monitor designed for cars with progressive scan capability or component video inputs). I suppose (although it would be a bit much) you could do hi-def as well using a car VGA lcd monitor (maybe 720P?) - though I'm sure this has not been tried yet.

    Also - has anyone tried using the S-video inputs on the Starvision and/or Lilliput LCD 8" monitors? Do they look allot better than composite video input from a dvd player or another source? I know using a regular television that S-video produces a much less "shaky" picture and it also eliminates dot crawl which is visible if you look close to the picture.

    Would love any feedback from anyone with a car vga lcd. Starvision, lilliput and Xenarc. I am deciding between the Lilliput 7" and 8". I think the S-video input may be a deciding factor for movies and such - though my Starvision and LUXMA LCD's that I have installed right now look pretty good (Starvision) and awesome (LUXMA) with only composite video input.


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    i have a 8 inch lilliput i bought from has vga svideo and 2 composite that what your talking about?

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    Nope Component video is seperate Red, Green, and Blue inputs, usually like those found on high end graphics monitors (that use seperate inputs rather than a 15pin VGA plug), or Barco type projectors
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    Eskalad - yes the 8 inch lilliput model. Have you tried the S-video input of this screen? Does it look noticably better than the composite input?


    I have seen VGA to component video input adapters all over the net. They are designed to work with VGA monitors and mostly for older Digital and HDTV televisions. You can supposedly get a progressive scan image - even a 1080i image (if your monitor supports this resolution) by using one of these adapters. Being at $100 or more though makes them not cost effective and thus I have never used one.

    VGA does use a seperate RGB signal along with Lum and Chrome to the best of my knowledge. Component uses rgb and chrome and lum using seperate cables - I believe the green and blue cables use chrome and lum. I could be wrong.



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