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Thread: Rca on Lilliput not working

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    Rca on Lilliput not working

    OK so I try and plug my Xbox into one of my RCA inputs on the lilliput and it says no signal. So when I tried going into the menu on the lilliput and switching the Video so that it says RCAS but when I scroll off that option it resets it and says Video card again. I can't figure out how to make it stay at the RCA input configuration. Is there a trick to entering the option? I'll try any ideas.

    Is there anyway to set up the lilliput so you can view the Bios on it. Everytime I try and view them it says out of range?

    Also the only refresh rate I'm given an option to select is 60Hz and I'm pretty sure I have all the updated drivers because everything else seems to work just fine. Any ideas on that?

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    I have searched for it. My Xbox works just fine.

    I really think it's the options on the Lillipt menu. See after I go into the menu on the screen and try to change a setting, it won't stay. When I try and set it to RCA it switches to the card option. I can't get it to stay.

    That's my problem. I also have th enewest driver's from DigitalWW. Is there somewhere else I need to look because I also updated the VGA driver from Epia.

    Any more help would be appreciated
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