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Thread: Help!! 8" Lilliput din SAME COLOR WIRES!!!!!

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    Help!! 8" Lilliput din SAME COLOR WIRES!!!!!

    So I got one step ahead of myself and completely screwed myself After having the typical din wiggle screen flicker problem ( spent an hour searching) I thought not a problem. I will just snip the plug off, snip the VGA side, take my continuity tester and wire them one by one.

    HOWEVER, when I snipped the din off (on the connector to moniter side) ALL of the wires in the 3 small groups are the same friggin color. The monitor plug is a 26 way connector and the has 3 wire groups going to the din. The colors in the din are black, green, red and I assume a shield. Yes, ALL three groups have the same wire colors so I have no idea what goes to what without knowing the pinouts of the 26 way connector. Someone PLEASE help me. I am SO close to getting this project done. Until I hit a few bumps on my test drive =\

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    I figured it out! After an hour or two of testing over and over I got it right. All is well and I will write up my findings.

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