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Thread: opinions on xenarc v. lilliput v. linitx 7" touchscreen

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    opinions on xenarc v. lilliput v. linitx 7" touchscreen

    i am planning on putting a system into my car. however, i'm unsure about the lcd screen. a while ago i saw a review btwn these 3 screens but am unable to find it thru the search. does anyone have anything to say about these? screen brightness at night and during the day in the sun. touchscreen usefulness. ease of install. stuff like that. thank you.

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    it isn't that hard to use the button, but i'll help.

    xenarc is the best (brightness, etc.)

    lilliput and linitx are about the same, i would go will lilliput between these two.
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    There is a review between the LinITX and Xenarc at

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