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Thread: LCD power button - useful?

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    LCD power button - useful?

    I plan on installing my LCD in a fabricated bezel in the dash that will hide the buttons (including the built-in power button) of my Xenarc 700TSV. I'll wire it up so that it comes on with the computer when the key is turned... but I'm wondering if I'll ever find it useful to turn off the LCD completely.

    I have this feature on my factory NAV (which I'm replacing), and I find it's nice sometimes to just listen to the music and not have the screen glaring at me (especially at night).

    So... anyone else find themselves wanting to turn off the screen? Do I really want to wire up a separate remote power button to do this?

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    i only turn it off if the passenger in my car is trying to sleep on a long road trip, or if i get pulled over by a cop. By instinct i hide the radar detector, turn off the lcd power switch, then get insurance and registration info in that order.

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