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Thread: Newision/lilliput motorized VGA with FM receiver (NW711VT)?

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    Newision/lilliput motorized VGA with FM receiver (NW711VT)?

    Anyone know of a release date/further info on the following?

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    Comments about the above-linked unit:

    1) The photo looks like it's made of cheap resin. I'm sure it's a mockup at the very most.

    2) Explain this one:
    Model Number: NW711VT
    Brief introduction:
    7-Inch 15:9 In-Car Headrest VGA TFT LCD Monitor with Touchscreen.

    Special Features:
    In-Dash mount, motorized
    Someone screwed up there.

    3) It's supposed to include a modest amplifier. That's a plus, to be certain.

    Completely unrelated to the unit and its specs, who thought that Spiderman swinging over the stylized WinXP logo was a good idea? That just looks silly, IMHO. It also wouldn't surprise me if either MS or Marvel took issue with it. Who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by togaf
    Anyone know of a release date/further info on the following?
    It will be released when it's ready. Right now it's not reliable enough to be released. Maybe end of this year 2005 or 2006.

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