(posted outside of Quest for 800x480 thread for additonal visibility)

I decided to call Via tech support and see if I could get some facts and details about how to best communicate to them our desires to get this resolution in the Epia line of ITX system boards.

I got a call back from James today, and I discussed the issue with him. He basically told me the same thing we already know; that its not supported and they are looking into adding it, no timeline on when that might happen.

He explained it was a wacky resolution and so that is why its not in there, and I explained that while that is true on typical computer installations, in the realm of car pc based installs, the use of 7" displays are the most common scenario and that there were literally thousands of people who would like to see this happen for them since the 7" displays run a native resolution of 800x480.

I then asked him what the best way for us to communicate to them was so that the decision makers on this change could hear us and take note of that when deciding when and if to implement this change.

James stated that the PMs (Program Managers) in Taiwan get thier information from support, and so the best way to get the feedback to the product teams was for everyone to send a mail to thier support alias detailing the desire to have this resolution added to the Epia line of sytem boards.

The mail alias to send it to is:

[email protected]

Any of the templates in this thread should be fine to use, just make sure you mention that your using a Epia based Mini-ITX and a 7" screen and would like to see 800x480 as specific details in the mail you send so they can use the targeted specific feedback on this.

Even if you have sent mail to the other previously given addresses, do it to this one as well, as this is the official channel for feedback like this.