So i'm posting in hopes that I can find someone here to help me diagnose this problem.

A while back, my car battery was hovering dangerously around the automatic shut-off voltage for the opus (around 11.5v?). Anyways, for some reason, the opus kept trying to send a shutdown signal while the mobo kept trying to power itself on. Since my lilli was connected via the 12v rail on the opus, this caused the lilli to turn on and off in quick succession as well (about 5 cycles before i finally managed to pull the power).

Anways, when the entire ordeal was over, the lilli worked, but in a really weird way.

In the mornings, when I start the car, the lilli will only display a dull yellow color across the entire screen. It's not white nor black, just a dull shade of puke yellow. Of course, this makes the display unusable. If i turn it off, however, and restart it, it will run perfectly, all the way until the end of the day, regardless of how long i'm using it or how many times I cycle the power. The problem would only re-occur in the mornings, after I hadn't used the carputer for an extended period of time.

So that's the weird thing. This happened every morning until i pulled the lilli out of my car. It was kinda annoying to deal with, so I replaced the LCD. I'm thinking that I might have blown a cap or something, since it seems like its not holding some sort of charge that its supposed to.

Anyone have any idea of what might be going on? Oh yeah, i shorted the power button on the PCB. I think that might have had something to do w/ it.

If i can get this fixed, i'll probably sell the LCD for cheap, or just sell it cheaply to someone who might wanna take a crack at repairing it.