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Thread: resizing screen, need opinions

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    resizing screen, need opinions

    I got a console that comes with some celicas that have GPS. i got a 6.5" LCD TFT screen and it fits perfectly. Of curse it sucks with my PC so i want to upgrade to a VGA screen. I really like the OEM look of the console I have now and I might be able to fit a stripped 7" screen but the whole screen won't be visible.

    Would it look fine if I resize the screen size to fit in the area?

    What should i do, get a 7" and resize the image so it will fit in the 6.5" space or screw the OEM console and get a custom one.



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    Just get a hacksaw and file andtrim the screen to fit. It'll be alright with a bit of duct tape holding it in.

    Yeah use the OSD to resize or powerstrip or jsut create a custom skin with a border around - but then problems with DVD so try things like powerstrip 1st.

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    thanks! i never heard of powerstrip, i'll give that a try

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