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Thread: Powering your LCD Monitor

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    use a power regulator, can buy at the local auto store.

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    Hi All,
    Good news. I've connected my lilliput directly on the 12V of my PC Pwoer supply M3-ATX, and tada, the image is perfect now, no pop screen anymore.... The system is really pro now

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    80W variable dc/dc converter

    Anybody know about QSKJ's 6A converter? I found it on ebay, and It has an adjustable input range of 10-30v and an adjustable output from 2-16v. The only thing I'm concerned with is that it states that the output voltage is always higher than the input voltage. Does this mean that it can only deliver a constant 12v if it has a constant input? Does this only convert, not regulate?

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    I don't know what a QSKJ 6A converter is, but from your description it is a "boost converter", which can only product MORE voltage than the input.

    A "Buck" converter can only produce LESS voltage than the input.

    A Buck-Boost can produce a constant voltage even if the input goes higher or lower than the input.

    There are a few here that are buck-boost and made for use in a vehicle :


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    Relatively certain i know the answer to this, and someone had already posted what i believe is the info i needed a page or so back. However I'm very
    paranoid so just to confirm..

    You can power a 12v 2A rated screen from just the cigarette lighter?

    So i can just cut a plug off a 12v adapter i have.. and wire it straight to ciggy lighter? The computer power supply is not done yet (I'm not sure which way I'm going with that
    yet. But if i can wire up the screen and have that finished.. It would take a bit of weight off my shoulders)

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