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Thread: Lilliput freezes PC

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    Lilliput freezes PC

    I'm running 2 touchscreens, 1 Xenarc and 1 Lilli through a vga splitter. Recently I've been hearing the Device Disconnect and Reconnect in rapid succession after which the tunes lock up and/or skip.

    Through a process of elimination I've figured out if I unplug the USB for the lilli the problem goes away.

    I was hoping someone could recommend a fix.

    Xenarc PC, dual 7" touchscreens, 512mb, 20g, dvd, Earthmate GPS, Keyspan remote control, voice control for media, 8-in-1 card reader, Bluetooth Razr, 54mbps 802.11g wireless.
    Honda Element Carputer

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    Same Issue Here

    I have the same issue, i have a lilliput unmoded and the touchscreen freezes but pc is still alive. Then if you continue to touch the screen the pc locks up reeboots and then comes up with a system reebooted due to system failure message.

    Sometimes i can unplug the lilli when i notice it has hung and then plug it back in and it will work but usualy always it crashes the PC!!!


    2002 WRX - System Specs:
    P4-ATX, 300W PS, 750 Inverter
    7" Lilli, 5" Headrest On PC Svideo Out
    120Gb HD, Audigy 2, Nvidia, GPS, WIFI
    400WX4, 1200X1 Audio Amps - Rockford Fosgate
    MB Quart 6.5 3way, MB Quart 5", Two MB Quart 12" Subs

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