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Thread: drop down xenarc install?

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    drop down xenarc install?

    i was just curious if people have had good success with the xenarc drop down monitors. i want to put it in my tundra... i have an overhead console up in the front between the 2 sun visors. it looks like the width of the unit will be fine.... but im curious about how well one installs. i am also curious about the wire length.... as i need it to make it scross the roof... and down the pillar without extension??

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    There's a guy with a BMW that did that, and it looked nice, but I can't find his post. One concern that I ran into when I considered that in my Buick was blocking my rear-view mirror.

    As for the cable run, if the VGA cable is shielded, it should be fine to use an extension. Absolutely no problems with the USB either.
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    here is a pic of a tundra overhead console. i want to replace it with a xenarc 700TR. i just dont want to buy another monitor and it not work out in my install like the 7000IDT
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    Any updates on the dropdown?

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