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Thread: Running Xenarc and Lilliput touch drivers simultaneously?

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    Running Xenarc and Lilliput touch drivers simultaneously?

    I've got a lilliput already custom molded into my upper dash piece.. and want to add a second touchscreen to my din headunit location.. (probably XENARC 700IDT)... with a dual monitor capable card, these two monitors should work fine together, however I'm not sure how the drivers will go..

    Is there a set of drivers that work well with both?

    Also, can someone post a link to the updated lilli drivers that allow you to go into hibernation?
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    They both use the same touchscreen controller, which is manufactured by eGalax.

    Download the latest Beta version of Touchkit, and it will all be fine, and it will allow you to configure two touchscreens This is exactly how I'm doing it in my car.

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