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Thread: Auto Power On 619 Lilliput - Programing Guide

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    I tried it with the GL701. But the power modes don't seem to be working. It always does auto power on.

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    2.5 years later I made another attempt at getting Auto Power on enabled on my 8" widescreen lilliput (model 889GL-80NP/C/T). I couldn't get into the factory menu at all until I removed the battery from remote control.

    Step 1 - bootup carpc to provide VGA signal.
    Step 2 - disconnect battery from remote control and plug back in.
    Step 3 - disconnect power from back of monitor and plug back in.
    Step 4 - power on monitor by pressing button on monitor (do not use power on button from remote).
    Step 5 - wait 2 seconds and on remote press 588998 (approx 5 seconds to key those in)
    Step 6 - wait for underscores and on remote press 1290210
    Step 7 - on remote press 5 to exit
    Step 8 - power off and you're all set

    It took about 3 attempts before I got in.

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    Hey guys I lost my manual...the red rca is the reverse cam rca right...can anyone tell me what each color rca does...thanks...damn manual is somewhere, just cant find it.

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    I have a brand new 629GL-70NP with DVI and for the life of me I cannot get the 588998 code to work. Has anyone else gotten this to work with this newest DVI version of the 629 ??

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    Works on EBY-701

    This code works for the EBY-701. However, I don't get a screen with "--- - - - -".

    Rather a series of menus appear which can be cycled through once between programmer's code entry.

    By pressing the "Menu" button on my remote twice, I get to a screen with "POWER STATE" in red. Pressing the right arrow key changes it from 0 to 1.

    This is tested and works to change the power-on state to turn on when the EBY-701 receives power from my CNX-P1900.

    Thanks all for the help.

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    I have new "Lilliput" 619GL-70NP/C/T, i buy this with HDMI input (solder after). I can't enter to factory menu... any idea?


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    all i get when i put in 58899 blah, is a language selection screen in which my remote does not work on.? lol

    this sucks

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    For those of you who have 619GL 70NP/C/T:

    The codes did not work for me. I contacted lilliput, they said press and hold the power button whilst in PC mode. The language menu appears, then press menu button on remote until you get to the 3rd page that has 'power state' option. change the number in the power state to 2 by using the right arrow on the remote.

    Now your screen should come on automatically, mine does

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    I found a solution to 619. For those who unable to access to key in those codes. You can try this method. Having to hold on to your AV/PC button (NOT ON YOUR REMOTE) , you should see a screen appearing "AutoColour" This is the factory settings. Scroll down using your remote to adjust accordingly, as for me, "Power Set" I set it a On.

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