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Thread: Auto Power On 619 Lilliput - Programing Guide

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    Ok, nm... I searched a bit and found this thread. Lilliput - No VGA Mode???
    Anyway, I'm going to try it right now. BTW, what IS tv mode?

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    some lillis have built in TV receiver..
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    100% installed and working :D

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    With this auto-on feature turned on will the lilliput also auto-off when it doesnt detect a VGA signal?


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    Quote Originally Posted by zac_haryy
    With this auto-on feature turned on will the lilliput also auto-off when it doesnt detect a VGA signal?

    No... at least mine doesn't. Only turns off when the power source is cut (of course)

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    Auto on 8" Lilliput 80NP/C/T

    Tried code on this unit Lilliput 80NP/C/T. It seems to work fine.


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    I have the 619gl-70np/c/t as well and couldnt get this mod to work at first. I spent 30 minutes or so playing around and it finally took. Once I learned how I got there it was easy to do afterwards.

    I slowly typed the code in like everyone else but nothing happened. Then I pushed my on-monitor 'menu' button and tried the code again but didnt work. After exiting the menu and pressing "5..8.." it popped up. This is the only way I can access my factory settings screen.

    Sorry guys I'm a newb and havent posted in the correct area yet, so delete this post if you may, just thought I'd throw in my input. I will post my carputer as soon as I get a chance. Awesome site, never a post been here 3 months reading and have built a $900 carputer entertainment package - GPS, XM, WiFi, Backup Cam, Playstation, Remote Faceplate Headunit and much more.

    You guys rock!

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    Ok I Have The Same Problem Video 1 Goes On,not Vga And I Did Try Diferent Settings Resetting nothing Always The Same.any fix for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anointed
    Auto Power On New Lilliput - Programming Guide
    2.When the screen shows "--- - - - -", input "1270*10". The * means there are three modes you can choose: 0,1 and 2. If you choose 0, the monitor will go into standby mode when we switch on the power (default). Choose 1, the monitor will go into Power-On mode (This is what you want), and choose 2, it will go into the mode when you switch off the power.

    In a nut shell you would enter "1270110" to activate the auto power on.
    This will not work for the new lilliputs model # EBY701-NP... instead the 5th number you have to choose 2. The code is mixed for these new lilliput models so instead you need :
    0: Start with same mode as the mode before power is disconnected.
    1: Start with Power-off mode when power is connected.
    2: Start with Auto Power-on and standby mode when power is connected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soundoff View Post
    Just entered the codes on my lillliput. worked exactly as descrbed in the instructions.

    629GL-70NP/C/T bought this week
    I have the exact same model, and the thing appears after I type 588998 the digits are displayed, except after I change them there is no difference. After i type the digits in, they stay on the screen. Should i br pressing something to 'confirm' them or anything?

    EDIT: I used 1270210 and it works GREAT. Model: 629GL-70NP/C/T
    EDIT2: I used 1270010 and now I have "last setting" mode. I dont know what did it, but here are the steps I used as it took me a bit of browsing through the thread to get these steps down pat.
    - Disconnect power from device.
    - Connect power to device.
    - Turn on device (mine goes straight to PC mode)
    - Type 588998 slowly (took about 6 seconds for entire lot)
    *little menu is displayed*
    - Typed 1270010 (this should be displayed on your screen)
    - Typed 5 to get rid of the display (dont really know if this was important of not, but hey... it worked)
    - Disconnected power to device.
    - Reconnected power to device (it turned on AUTOMATICALLY!)

    Good luck to anybody trying it. dont just try it once and give up, it can be a bit of a fiddle!

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    Has anyone been able to program the new widescreen 8" lilliput to auto power on? I don't have the lilliput model number handy, but here's a pic of it:

    I've successfully programmed my 7" lilliput, sold it, and now I'm trying to do the same with the 8" widescreen version. I've managed to get into the programming window, and it showed 1290100. I entered 1290110 and that didn't work. I went into the programming window again, and it showed 1290110. I programmed it with the same number again hoping it would work the second time around but no luck. Now I can't even get into the programming window. I've read the tips on this thread and tried them out with no luck. I've entered the numbers more slowly, etc, no luck.

    Before I waste any more time fighting with this thing, has anyone successfully programmed this thing to auto power on?

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