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Thread: Auto Power On 619 Lilliput - Programing Guide

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    Thumbs up Auto Power On 619 Lilliput - Programing Guide

    Auto Power On New Lilliput - Programming Guide

    For those of you who have a Lilliput Monitor who are interested in getting it to Auto-Power On without having to rip it apart and solder. Here is a programing guide that's extremely simple. Please be advised that this method has been confirmed on the New Lilliputs Models and Some older models.

    Those of you who have been waiting for More Programming Codes, Here You GO

    The 629 units look like this:

    The 619 models look like this:

    It's not a guarantee that it will work on the older models but it has been confirmed that it works on the ones with the 10 Pin connector.

    If it works on your lilliput please leave a post with you model # so we can make a list of confirmed monitors. Click the link up to for more Guides. Thanks and Enjoy!

    Here is what you do. Take your time and pay attention.

    Auto Power On New Lilliput - Programming Guide

    You could try the following reset:

    1.In VGA mode with your PC turned on (Recommended) , SLOWLY Input "588998" to come into the "factory setup" with the remote control unit.

    Note: If you have trouble pulling up the "factory setup" menu try this solution View Thread

    2.When the screen shows "--- - - - -", input "1270*10". The * means there are three modes you can choose: 0,1 and 2. If you choose 0, the monitor will go into standby mode when we switch on the power (default). Choose 1, the monitor will go into Power-On mode (This is what you want), and choose 2, it will go into the mode when you switch off the power.

    In a nut shell you would enter "1270110" to activate the auto power on.

    (Please note: If you setup on NW618TVT(with TV input) please input "1270111")

    3. Press any number key to store the setup.

    Enjoy! Isn't that much easier than ripping your unit apart?

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    Cool! Now what about the Xenarc?

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    i think Xenarc has allready an auto power on function. when it sees signal it powers on and when signal is gone it goes to stand by, screen turns off and led blinks.
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    thats cool. Thanks for sharing. Now only if i had a new one

    I guess i better get out the soldering iron
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    THX M8, just done it on my Lilli and i works,GREAT ;-)

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    Has anyone thats got the new had the older one or a xenarc before?

    If so, how does the quality of the new one compare? Any improvements in brightness and visibilty in sunlight? Are they any closer to quality of xenarc


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    Worked great!!! Thanks

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    I don't have one that looks like that picture, but I tried it on mine and it worked. But now it doesn't go back to standby when it loses signal. This isn't a problem as I will have its power cut by the computer when it shuts off, but I am just curious if anybody has a listing someplace of all the codes for that menu. Cause I accidentally put the wrong number in there the first time, duh, and it wouldn't auto power up, but it defaulted to video 1 everytime you turned it on which would suck, well, atleast for my application anyway.

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    Absolutely Perfect!

    I do not have the new model of the lilliput but it is the latest of the latest model and this code worked perfectly. This should be a sticky!


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    Are there anymore of these codes? Like one to make it auto switch to AV1 when a signal is present? Like for a rear view camera.

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