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    can someone please explain the difference between a TFT and a non TFT. I know what a touchscreen with VGA is, but what is TFT?

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    TFT means thin film transistor, stuff they use for flat panels. Non tft would be perhaps crt (big azzed tube tvs and monitors) or any other display not using tfts

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    ok so it thanks

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    tft - more money better picture
    non tft - just about the same ammount of money and ****ty *** picture

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    From the Wikipedia:


    LCD Television

    TFT's main advantage is, I believe, that it switches the pixels quickly, eliminating the blurring that some screen used to have. You may recall seeing older laptops where the cursor would delay slightly appearing to blur or smear as it was dragged across the screen, rather than moving smartly as a CRT screen does.
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