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Thread: Another 'unknown device' lilli touchscreen problem

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    I had this problem and was going to replace my controller then on saturday the device just started working again. I took the monitor out of my car to do the IR receiver mod and it just started working. Of course my ribbon cable crapped out the same day but hell you cant have it all right.

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    I have had this problem a few times in the past. I currently am running lilliput gen 1 in the tm housing that Armen sells. I installed it myself and had some issues with it, sent to to Armen after roughly a years worth of use with no problems (got the problem then). Armen reinstalled it and fixed everything up. A few months down the road, i got the same problem again.

    From what i've determined, it is mostly caused by wiring issues. Inside the indash housing, the wires from the lilly to the back would get caught on the latch everynow and then. Eventually it ate through the wires, video signal and touch. After repairing it, removing the latch and spring, I haven't had any problems in a few months now.
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