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Thread: Xenarc and AV2 first option

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    Xenarc and AV2 first option

    I have a Xenarc 700 screen (buyed in - model DWW-7VGA) and i have a reverse camera connected to the Xenarc AV2 input. I set the "AV2 first" option to "yes" and it works fine, but when i hard off the screen and i turn it on later the "AV2 First" option is set again to "No". Always that i turn on the screen i have to set the "AV2 First" option to "Yes". Is there a way to set this option to "yes" forever?

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    anybody has the same problem?

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    yep I do, when I get some time I will look into it further, have you tried getting in touch with the manufacturer?
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