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Thread: burger king display

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    burger king display

    i'm not sure if anyone else has a local burger king resturant with the same deal, but i noticed, not that i was thinking of doing anything illegal, its too big anyways, that the display you order on at the burger king drive through looks amazing. its about 15-17 inches and its super sharp and bright and readable even in day light. i dont know if its some kind of mini plasma or just really good LCD, but its thin, flat and high res. anyone know what they use?

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    Just walk in and tell them youd like a number one with a side of drive through LCD and insist on having it your way
    Im sure theyll comply

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    We have them over here in the UK only someone has covered it in paint so they have removed it :-( Shame I couldn't get hold of it ...

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    They prolly use the same display that Diebold ATMs use. The daylight-readable model adds $7000 to the price of an ATM, so.....
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    Talk about E X P E N S I V E

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    They look to be either transflective or semi-transmissive LCDs. I was quite impressed by the quality of those screens myself, heck the first time I saw one I mistook it for just a paper advertisement, then my order came up over it. They look good in daylight or night. The only displays I've seen that looked better were Organic LED screens.

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