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Thread: Any in-dash monitor with built in FM Radio QUESTION. ???

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    Any in-dash monitor with built in FM Radio QUESTION. ???

    Everyone knows about the In-Dash monitors that have a AM/FM radio tuner built into them right? (and sometimes cd player, dvd player or whatever else built in as well but that is not relevant to this question). You know the kind that looks like an ordinary radio but then the motorized screen pops out.

    Well I have a rather simple question but I could not find the answer anywhere, and just figured I should ask those people who actually have these types of In-dash monitors because they would know.

    My question is can you listen to the radio while using the monitor at the same time, and I dont mean the type that uses the monitor to control the radio, im asking if I can be using the monitor to display some other device hooked up to its video inputs, but at the same time still have the built in radio playing, i dont really care about being able to tune it but just have one radio station playing while still using the monitor. Thanks

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    The new CarTFT ones can do that but the ones you normally se (Alpine, Pioneer etc) don't actually have VGA or USB to control a PC they are just a self-contained unit
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    1) That CarTFT unit has been around since before the original post, but nobody has ever seen one in person, as far as I know.
    2) The original post was nearly a year ago. You're no n00b. You know better.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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