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Thread: New ebay LCD

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    Unless you have 800-1000 nit, no lcds look good in direct (or in some cases, indirect) sunlight.

    Make sure you get tint all around in the car and pray that the backlight upgrade goes well (see other thread)

    You can always remove the touch screen, with it, you get glare. Mine is in the center of my dash, and behind it is the console and cupholders, lets just say that you can see the cokes in the cupholder perfect when you have sunlight in the car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hateeecs
    I'm looking to get one of the 7" screens.

    Anyone else looking at that?
    I'm bidding on this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by parvo99

    Yeah, if you look at the initial post on this thread they went for ~160 but now they seem to be going for 170-200

    Do these screens come to ebay in batches or will he be releasing a steady stream. I got time


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    good idea posting which exact one you are bidding on. I will probably be getting one of those 8inch screens. tm-868. anyone know the actual dimensions of the screen at 4/3. i think it would be just over 5 inches tall and 6.33 inches wide if my math is correct.

    anyway, if i bid on one i'll post so we arent' bidding on the same and driving up the prices.


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    what i did for daylight was adjust the screen brightness as high as it would go, and fiddle around with the contrast and what not. It still reflects, but it isn't that bad. For night, i modified the skin so that it turns the brightness level down. Works really well. I love this screen. And it's very distracting. Have to keep eyes on the road.
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    Hey Soundoff, did you have any problems fitting the LCD in your dash? Or any ideas how to make the connector come out the back? The connector seems to be the biggest annoyance of this LCD... other than that it seems great.

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    The screen connector (which comes out of the bottom of the casing) can be moved a little bit by taking apart the screen and playing with the placement of the actual circuit board ..... i hope that makes sense .. haha ... anitanium did this with his and I'm doing it with mine. I'll have pix posted tonight, hopefully, of my screen in it's fabricated housing and complete install tomorrow on my blog.
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    I dont have one of these screens, i havn't decided what i will buy yet.

    Mazda3: those dimensions you gave me are they the viewable LCD area, or the dimensions of the whole LCD panel?

    Also the black surround part that frames the panel, would you be able to measure that for me? I am thinking that if i remove the rear of the housing, and then trim down the front bezel so that itsonly the black surround part, i will be able to fab it into my dash pretty easily.

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    Just found this posting... I've been wondering about these screens. I'm wondering if any one has an opinion on whether or not it will fit my dash. Two indepent dins, I will probably have to rip out the divider. It is an '88 944, this is the only picture I have.

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    My avatar Screen has arrived just this second hehe bit it is a Super just you guys said.
    Well it looks good gonna hook it up to my batteri and connect it to my ATX computer now. hehe im so exited

    I had NO PROBLEMS at all with the custom. gonne test the screen now anyway..

    The mp3carshipment will arrive on monday

    Over n Out!

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