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Thread: Mounting the MTSVO-SC LCD head unit in a 2005 Corolla?

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    Umm that doesn't look right. You sure you installed the cage correctly? From the looks of it, it needs to be pushed back a little more.

    How's the picture quality? Does it completely wash out in the sun?


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    Well, I tried installing the cage a few different ways... it just wouldn't attach any other way. I think I'll give it another go before I start to think of other ways of doing this..

    The screen itself is really nice. It does wash out pretty bad in the sun though... that's probably mostly due to that this is mounted pretty high in my dash... it may do better mounted lower in someone elses car. The nice thing is that you can push the + and - buttons on the screen itself and it adjusts the angle the screen is at. I can usually get a pretty good angle..

    it'd be cool to see pictures of anyone else that has this screen (especially how they installed the cage. btw... this is how I have the cage installed:

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    With those 2 metal plates you can choose the the distance. The difference is 1cm I think and mine also sticks way far out. But I can choose the next hole for the 2 plates to fit in making the screen going a little more to the back. In my case that isn't good because I have buttons behind it and the angle isn't good for me.

    this is a picture of the first setup with screen all to the back.

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