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Thread: In-Dash LCD (Head unit style) Powering

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    In-Dash LCD (Head unit style) Powering

    I picked up a cheapo 1-DIN sized flip out LCD off Ebay and of course the directions are in chinese. The power connector has 4 wires (red, black, green, yellow) and I need to figure out what they are.

    I figure red and black are +12V and ground, and this is further supported by the fact that there's an inductor and cap filtering circuit on these lines.

    I'm guessing that the yellow line is to be connected to accessory.

    Any ideas on the green?

    Thanks for any help.

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    that sounds about right

    although the yellow might be 12+ and red might be ACC...
    you never know

    green might be for parking brake??

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    Yellow is constant power, red is acc, blk is gnd, and green should be parking brake.

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