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Thread: Laptop LCD panel stretching

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    Question Laptop LCD panel stretching

    I have a stack (5 I believe) of old Gateway Colorbooks, and nothing to use them for.
    What I would like to know is if it is possible to seperate the base from the LCD by about 5 feet? I would like to mount the LCD on my wall, and use it as a display for cycling information sites such as Mp3car, Slashdot, etc. + using it to display the always cool Matrix Screen saver.
    Please let me know if it is possible.
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    I want to do this as well. The LCD is connected with two flexible films that carry the signals. There are these funky connectors that I have never seen before . Is it possible to cut these ribbons and solder on to them with wires to extend the signals? I think it would be tricky, but worth it to me.


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