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Thread: LCD Roof Mount for Taxi - Options?

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    LCD Roof Mount for Taxi - Options?

    Hello all,

    I have been contracted to install a touchscreen monitor and CPU for a Taxi Company prototype vehicle. The monitor will be running a kiosk system with a 800x600 intranet and wireless modem. I am having a hard time finding a place to mount the LCD monitor. Originally I was going to use a Gamber Johnson floor pole with a VESA mount on a XENARC 1040TS monitor but it will prohibit passengers from riding in the middle. I fear that screens mounted in the headrest would be too small to easily navigate the kiosk system. So I looked at mounting in the roof and found a VESA compatible mounting bracket that would make the maximum hieght around 13". This is rather low but has a bracket that can be locked and is very rugged. Then I started thinking about mounting a smaller screen and rotating it 180 degrees, but I have read issues with orientation and cables in these forums. I still like the 10.4 monitor from XENARC but any additional suggestions would be very helpful. Also, if the proposal is accepted, I would have to install this package in over 30 fleet vehicles, so it needs to be rather simple set-up. CPU will be mounted in trunk. Vehicle types are as follows:

    -Chevrolet Impala 2005-06 (no sunroof but middle map light)
    -Toyota Prius (hybrid)

    The conditions would be:

    -Visible and accessible to rear passengers
    -Firm mount strong enough as not to move when screen is depressed
    -Bright enough to be seen when exposed to sunlight (windows will be tinted)
    -Rugged so that accidental bumps will not rend monitor from bracket
    -Large enough so that touch buttons are easily viewed (see screen)

    The VESA mount (VM2) - by SANUS

    Screen Shots of Kiosk System:

    Thank you for your help!

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    What about a flipdown headliner mount?

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    From what I have read, they tend to move quite a bit when the screen is interacted with. Is this true? Also, I would have to rip out the current map lights, which isn't really a big deal since headliners have lights on them. I was just concerned that the headliners weren't sturdy enough for public transportation applications. Maybe they are, I haven't played around with any.

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    ive never seen this done before but what about on the back of the seat itself. kinda like a fold down tray type thing except that the screen would fold down or fold out for the passanger.

    i dont know if it would be efficient and probaly not a good idea for you as there is probaly no consumer mount that is available so you would have to construct one yourself.

    or if the ceneter console thing that is inbetween the two front seats. you could do a screen there that people can interact with. if the two cars meansoned above have that

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    Interesting idea regarding the back seats.

    The company hasn't received the cars yet, so I am working this all out in my head first.

    The actual screen needs to be mounted so that both rear passengers can use it. Front seat passenger will not have access to the terminal.

    I think I will head to the local car dealerships and take some photos to work with. I will post them here and see what everyone thinks.

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    All of the new taxi's here in Manhattan now have such Kiosk System in them. It looks like a ten inch touch screen on a custom bracket that is placed on the back of the cab's bench seat much like a small monitor inbedded into the back of a headrest.
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